Bougie Blue

Bougie Blue

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Blue – a captivating and commanding fragrance that demands attention. This 2-wick candle features a robust blend of amber, santal, iris, and oud wood, creating an air of confidence and power. The allure of the iris flower adds sophistication, while the exotic woods leave an unforgettable signature. Encased in a stunning 33oz metallic blue vessel, Blue brings serenity and tranquility to any space, ensuring a consistent and even burn for an immersive and mesmerizing experience. Experience the captivating power of Blue, bringing confidence, sophistication, and an unforgettable presence into your home.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Note - Jasmine, Amber
Mid Note - Neroli, Santal, Iris
Base Note - Oud wood Musk

Burn Time: 4 Hours

Set Includes:

  • Blue 33oz Vessel
  • 40oz Blue Sand Wax
  • Wicks 30 pieces