Increase Intent to Purchase by Up to 84% With Retail Scenting.

To be successful and stand out in retail, a positive customer experience is key.  Adding the right scent, one that evokes pleasant feelings or memories is a great way to differentiate oneself.   A unique, pleasing scent can tie together décor, style and mood elements to form the type of atmosphere that people want to linger in. Carefully chosen ingredients can influence a customer’s intent to purchase.  Whether you’re selling tangible goods or consumable products, scenting can help increase the amount of time your customers stay in the store by 20%. Choosing a scent that best represents your brand and its products can further tailor this result by increasing sales as well as the perceived quality of the products you sell. 

* An article, published by the International Journal of Marketing Studies in 2014, found that Nike customers in scented retail stores were 84% more likely to purchase.

Scent Systems for Retail

Without a doubt the most significant issue facing brick and mortar businesses is the ease and convenience of online shopping. Faced with this, the retail industry needs to incorporate a marketing edge to get foot traffic into their stores. Our business scent machines are one of the easiest ways to create a unique shopping experience and encourage purchase behavior.

Join the ranks of successful conglomerates like Nike, Sony, and Apple using scent systems and strategically formulated scents to enhance the shopping experience.

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Most brands who employ ambient scenting in their retail establishments have been very happy with the success it has brought. When the right scent marketing strategy is deployed in retail stores a higher level of brand loyalty and increase in sales are just a few of the impacts it can have. 

"As a business owner my showroom is the first impression that is made when a customer comes in. Since we installed the HVAC Aroma360® unit over 3 years ago our clients are constantly saying how great  the aroma is when coming in. It seems they stay longer and always ask how we create the scent in our showroom. I personally can say that the Aroma360® sytem has increased our sales. "

Gerard Cuozzo

Sales Manager | Catalfamo Flooring